November 26,2011
Christmas Dogs and other Thoughts

Tis the season-to be busy! So many dogs under the tree this year. I love this work and the thought of those opening them on Christmas eve or morn-whatever each one does. It puts me in the spirit of the season-along with my famous rumballs. I must take a break from painting to mix those up soon. Life is very busy-Mom is growing weaker and needs me more and more. Again-I must remember that it is the circle of life but it is sad to see. I will do my very best to keep her at home and comfortable through all of this.90 years is a good long time but I will miss her when she goes.The portraits are very good therapy for me and help me deal with it so bring them on!I will try to write again soon,back to work,CarlaBuddies

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November 18,2011
Dogs in Canada Magazine Blog and other thoughts

How exciting! I have been featured in the blog that Dogs in Canada Magazine puts out. What are the odds of being chosen for that! At any rate I am there and very flattered to be chosen as there are many great pet portrait artists in Canada.I am busy with portraits-some acrylic,some gouache and more recently some in graphite pencil. I don't know how I did this last year while holding down a full time job!The days are great-painting-drawing-walking my dogs and still caring for my ageing Mom. Anyway-currently working on a large english bulldog graphite portrait-I will post it when done. Here is the link for the magazine blog,Carla of Sadie

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November 09,2011
Portrait of a Pack and other Thoughts

I have been working on a group portrait for a local woman. She has a beautiful pack of dogs and we decided on individual canvases to be hung together. I love the finished look of this.Each dog has their day and their own canvas but they are all one family. I have been doing lots of portraits lately-it is wonderful that so many are entrusting me with this. I take it very seriously-making sure each little soul is captured for their loving owners. I have also still been quite busy with my ailing Mom-the work takes my mind off it however-so all is good- and it is after all-the cycle of life. I have included a group photo of this pack. Let me know what you think,CarlaPortrait of a Pack

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November 05,2011
Graphite Pencil and other Thoughts

I have re-discovered the simple pencil! I forgot how satisfying drawing with a single pencil can be and I am really enjoying it again. Infinite shading comes with simple pressure on the pencil.It provides a nice break between Christmas portraits. No set up time and I find it quite relaxing.I have done up a few these past few days-you will find them in my Ebay and Etsy store if you want to have a look.I am also currently working on a group of 6 canvas portraits for a local woman-individual canvases-all with the same backdrop-each one featuring a member of her pack. A great pack it is!I will have to take a shot of them all together when done and post it here.Bye for now,CarlaPortrait of a Frenchie

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