September 30,2013
Other Pets People Love

Recently I have been painting turtles lizards and even snakes-there is a great love out there-not just for dogs,cats and birds-but all animals.Hard to know what makes a connection in a person about a certain animal or reptile breed-I know my son loved his turtles and iguana's when he was a boy.All I can say is that the love is the same as it is for more common pets. I have had the opportunity to paint some of these but would love more-anything with fur-or without-feathers,scales-so if anyone out there has a love for this kind of pet and wants a portrait-I'm your girl!Bye for now,CarlaPortrait of a Turtle

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September 23,2013
Colour and other Thoughts

I paint animals-mostly dogs and cats. These are all pretty much the same palette of colours. Birds are wonderful to paint as they scream colour and so they are a real pleasure-a break from the norm. Now I am thinking about adding some of these bright colours to the dogs and cats that stroll through my studio. Most that want portraits of course would more likely want just true colours of their beloved pets but for others-I think I will give it a go. I will post one on this blog when I attempt this-any comments are welcomed,by for now,CarlaPortrait of a Galah

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September 09,2013
First portrait from Couvon-and other thoughts

Well,Things have picked up a little on the Couvon front-12 sold and three days to go. The one I will add to this blog came to me from Couvon-but he needed something larger and a 2 pet portrait so we reached an agreement. I dropped it off to him this afternoon and hope it will be well received by his friend.It seems as if we are going to have a little more summer here-the sun is warm but the mornings are foggy. I love waking up to the sound of the fog horns.The girls also enjoy a good morning walk through it-a little bit magical-I think for all of us. Rubi is getting much better on her walks and I am so pleased about that.I do hope the rest of September will follow this way before the rains of winter hit,bye for now,Carla

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September 06,2013
Tie Dye Shirts and other Thoughts

Stelle is my model for the tie dye shirts that I make. She is very patient with me while I try to get the right pose. This one was so cute that I decided to paint her in it.She is such a good girl and my rock in life these days.Rubi is still a work in progress-dealing with that push the boundries teen-age stuff. Hard to think that she is 14 months already. And Stelle-7 years old but other than a touch of grey she still looks and acts like a young dog. I tried something new this week. A company called Couvon contacted me to see if I would like to go on there with my pet portraits. I am always trying to increase local business so I thought I would give it a try. Not doing so well,however,with only 5 sold. Art really is a hard sell but at the low price on Couvon these would make a great Christmas gift. It runs another 6 days so we will see where it ends up.I have been contacted by out of towners and told them shipping would be a little extra but not a problem.Well-wish me luck-looks like I am going to need it with this one,bye for now,CarlaStelle in her tie dye shirt

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