November 05,2011
Graphite Pencil and other Thoughts

I have re-discovered the simple pencil! I forgot how satisfying drawing with a single pencil can be and I am really enjoying it again. Infinite shading comes with simple pressure on the pencil.It provides a nice break between Christmas portraits. No set up time and I find it quite relaxing.I have done up a few these past few days-you will find them in my Ebay and Etsy store if you want to have a look.I am also currently working on a group of 6 canvas portraits for a local woman-individual canvases-all with the same backdrop-each one featuring a member of her pack. A great pack it is!I will have to take a shot of them all together when done and post it here.Bye for now,CarlaPortrait of a Frenchie

Posted by Carla Smale at 07:29


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