November 26,2011
Christmas Dogs and other Thoughts

Tis the season-to be busy! So many dogs under the tree this year. I love this work and the thought of those opening them on Christmas eve or morn-whatever each one does. It puts me in the spirit of the season-along with my famous rumballs. I must take a break from painting to mix those up soon. Life is very busy-Mom is growing weaker and needs me more and more. Again-I must remember that it is the circle of life but it is sad to see. I will do my very best to keep her at home and comfortable through all of this.90 years is a good long time but I will miss her when she goes.The portraits are very good therapy for me and help me deal with it so bring them on!I will try to write again soon,back to work,CarlaBuddies

Posted by Carla Smale at 03:29


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