September 25,2010
Art and other Thoughts-Carla Smale

My life is very simple-some may say boring-but I am happy with it.I work full time-so-there is work,family,dos,birds and painting that occupy my days.I am a rock star when I walk through the door at the end of my working day-at least my dogs and birds think so.So anyway-I have been told that I need to start a blog-that people are interested in the process. I am not convinced that anyone will be interested but I will start with some thoughts on art,dogs and other critters.Some artists will see a flower,a seascape or a person that will fill them with a desire to capture that image.These things,while beautiful in their own right,don't inspire me to pick up a brush.What does inspire me is a dog.a cat,a bird or perhaps a bear. I see them and I cannot wait to get out the paints or pencils to capture that visual essence on paper of that beautiful furry or feathered creature.I strive to capture the soul-it is there in their eyes. I don't always succed-in fact-I look at the finished painting and feel that I have fallen short of my goal. Fortunately,the wonderful people to ask me to paint their pets-feel just the opposite.They tell me that I have indeed captured their pet on paper and how wonderful the work is. This makes it all worthwhile and I move onto the next one-hoping that I too will feel that I have done it. I guess that is what it means to be an artist and your own worst critic.I do love the process-the way the paint floats on the paper-putting that sparkle in the eyes that bring them to life.I never tire of that.I am always looking for new challenges-a breed or a mixed breed that I have never painted before.If you have something in mind that you would like to see-just send me an email-I will add that to the list of " to do's" I guess that is it for now-more to follow later,Carla

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