January 02,2012
A New Year and other Thoughts

Here it is-2012. 2011 brought many changes in my life. I retired from my day job to concentrate on painting. However,Mom got sick and I soon realized that she was my priority. If you have been following this blog you will know that I lost my Mom on December 3rd. I do miss her but I have come to realize that life is change-some of these we don't welcome but we cannot change that-we have to accept it and carry on.I will throw myself into my painting this year-Mom loved the fact that I painted-she used to ask if I ever tired of painting dogs. I would tell her-no-but I like to paint cats and birds as well.I still have the rest of my family and I will love them more than ever this year. I wish you all love,peace and happiness this year-let the losses be few and the gains many,Happy New Year,CarlaBulldog Pair

Posted by Carla Smale at 07:12


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