January 14,2012
A New Year and other Thoughts

Last year was a difficult one for me-one that ended with the passing of my Mom. I am looking forward to a better year for 2012-hopefully one without anymore losses.I have thrown myself into painting this year-my way of dealing with it all. I am having a small show at a locale cafe and have decided some big canvases are in order. I have always painted rather small but I notice my size keeps increasing the longer I paint. The big ones have their own special appeal. I have chosen closeups of bulldogs-four frenchies on 24 x 24 inch canvases and two english bulldogs on 30 x 30 canvases-I simply cannot resist those dear little faces. The size has been a challenge but I am enjoying the process.I plan to feature them on the web-site but for now a smaller version of one of them that I have on Ebay right now to go along with this blog.I wish all of you all the best life has to offer this year-hold your loved ones close,CarlaPortrait of a Black Frenchie

Posted by Carla Smale at 08:44


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