October 02,2012
Week Two with Rubi Tuesday and other thoughts

Here it is-two weeks have gone by since I brought this little girl home. There have been many challenges that are ongoing-but all in all-this was the right thing to do. She is a wonderful pup-strong willed-sweet and loving-all rolled up in one wonderful little ball!She has brought joy to our house again and a reason to get up and look forward to the day. She is growing some wrinkles-the bulldog in her is coming out and I for one-love those wrinkles.Christmas portraits are starting now but it is a challenge to find the time to paint-when she wants to play-nothing can stop her.Training is on-going and I am seeing some small results now. Her and Stelle are back and forth and trying to decide who will be alpha in this little pack. More next week,CarlaRubi Tuesday

Posted by Carla Smale at 04:31


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