October 15,2012
Week Four with Rubi Tuesday and other thoughts

Life with a new pup in the house is a very busy time-so much for Rubi to learn and so many new experiences.The rains came last week. As we walked in the pouring rain I realized that she has never seen this before. She was born in the dry summer and there had been no rain at all.She does not really like the rain but does like to drink from the puddles. Her and Stelle are still play fighting and trying to figure things out.I think Stelle is happy to have her-she was so lonely when Lucy left us.Rubi has not replaced Lucy in our hearts-Lucy still very much lives there-but has made a new spot of her own there.She loves her family and we love her back.I still have not painted her first portrait but I think I will use the image attached to this blog. This is her hunting-so very cute with her wrinkles showing,bye for now,CarlaRubi Tuesday

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