October 28,2012
Week 6 with Rubi Tuesday and other thoughts

I can hardly believe it has been this long since I brought that little girl home-but 6 weeks on Tuesday. She has grown so much-physically as well as emotionaly. She is one of the family now-with flaws-a work in progress-but I guess that is true of all of us.I have to remember that she is still just a baby and the lessons she learns one day have to be learned all over again the next day.I have a helper in a man named Steve Brush.He has made it his life's work to help people with their dogs and he has helped quite a bit with Rubi. She goes on group walks with him now. It is quite a sight to see him coming down the street with so many dogs at his side. Anyone who might be reading this and is local to Victoria-I recommend him.I will continue with these walks as I feel they will really help with some of the fear Rubi shows sometimes. Certain dogs and certain people seem to set her off and I am not sure why.She and Stelle still continue the battle for the top spot but they have also become become buddies and that warms my heart.Sometimes when Rubi has been running around crazy,getting into everything,I will put her in her crate for a time-out. The other day I found Stelle had gone over and was laying beside the crate keeping her company while she did her time.One of those-Awww moments for sure.More next time,bye for now,CarlaRubi Tuesday

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