December 12,2012
Every Dog is beautiful-and other thoughts

I just completed a painting and I feel compelled to share this with you. These two dogs are buddies and they share their home with their humans here in Victoria. I met them when Steve,my dog trainer,came to take Rubi on her pack walk.I asked what had happened to the face of this one dog-a good tempered lab. Cancer had struck when he was a pup and after the surgery,his jaw grew in a very odd way.I give much credit to his humans for not ridding themselves of this dog as many would have. Instead of that,they have given him a good home and good care and a good life.He does not seem to know or care of his problem but carries on with the business of being a dog.We could all take a lesson from him and from dogs in general and just get on with the business of being good humans.It was a pleasure to paint his portrait,bye for now,CarlaEvery Dog is Beautiful

Posted by Carla Smale at 06:57


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