December 28,2012
Happy New Year Rubi Tuesday

The year is winding down and Rubi has had her first Christmas.She did well with the family and really is enjoying her sock monkey. Her and Stelle have formed a strong bond and spend most days playing or snuggling together. Stelle has taken to sitting on her soft warm back,just like she used to do with Lucy. It is sweet to see and Rubi does not seem to mind.Rubi is 6 months old now and getting so big-she is more than twice the size of Stelle now and has started to learn some manners.I am looking forward to seeing the finished product-having a mix breed pup is much like waiting to see what the completed painting will look like. Right now she is a work in progress and I can clearly make out both breeds in her. Anyway,I wish everyone a good new year,one full of light and love,bye for now,CarlaRubi Tuesday

Posted by Carla Smale at 08:04


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