January 26,2013
Rubi Tuesday and other Thoughts

Rubi is 7 months old now and 59 pounds of dog. She has just had her stitches removed from spaying. She also developed cherry eye so we had that fixed as well.It is so nice to see her beautiful face again without that swollen eye-I do hope it holds. Her and Stelle are steadfast friends now and one worries when the other is not around for any period of time. Rubi is still quite willful-a work in progress I guess.The rotti in her is showing quite a bit-she talks all the time but still has the english bulldog swagger to her walk. We keep saying we will have to put a hula skirt on that wiggle.I have still not done her portrait but plan to soon-been busy with other things and I do not know where this month has gone.Bye for now,CarlaRubi Tuesday

Posted by Carla Smale at 03:12


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