April 29,2013
Spring,Dogs and other Thoughts

It is really spring here on the cost-blossoms everywhere and the sun is showing itself more often. The tree blossums are really large and fragrant this year. Rubi likes to sniff the fallen ones on our morning walks.I have just completed a painting that I will attach to this blog. This was done for a wonderful English woman and her special pack. I find that I paint a lot of bostons-I never tire of them-they are all the same colors but each little face is so unique. You can really see that in this grouping.I plan to meet her when she visits here this summer. That is something that I often don't get-my portraits are mostly sent far away and I never meet the people-this will be a treat.Bye for now,CarlaRosies Pack

Posted by Carla Smale at 07:50


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