September 06,2013
Tie Dye Shirts and other Thoughts

Stelle is my model for the tie dye shirts that I make. She is very patient with me while I try to get the right pose. This one was so cute that I decided to paint her in it.She is such a good girl and my rock in life these days.Rubi is still a work in progress-dealing with that push the boundries teen-age stuff. Hard to think that she is 14 months already. And Stelle-7 years old but other than a touch of grey she still looks and acts like a young dog. I tried something new this week. A company called Couvon contacted me to see if I would like to go on there with my pet portraits. I am always trying to increase local business so I thought I would give it a try. Not doing so well,however,with only 5 sold. Art really is a hard sell but at the low price on Couvon these would make a great Christmas gift. It runs another 6 days so we will see where it ends up.I have been contacted by out of towners and told them shipping would be a little extra but not a problem.Well-wish me luck-looks like I am going to need it with this one,bye for now,CarlaStelle in her tie dye shirt

Posted by Carla Smale at 01:16


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