September 09,2013
First portrait from Couvon-and other thoughts

Well,Things have picked up a little on the Couvon front-12 sold and three days to go. The one I will add to this blog came to me from Couvon-but he needed something larger and a 2 pet portrait so we reached an agreement. I dropped it off to him this afternoon and hope it will be well received by his friend.It seems as if we are going to have a little more summer here-the sun is warm but the mornings are foggy. I love waking up to the sound of the fog horns.The girls also enjoy a good morning walk through it-a little bit magical-I think for all of us. Rubi is getting much better on her walks and I am so pleased about that.I do hope the rest of September will follow this way before the rains of winter hit,bye for now,Carla

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