October 15,2013
Old Friends and other thoughts

My most recent portrait is of a 17 year old tabby-animals are staying with us longer due to better care-and so our bonds with them become stronger. This is Timone and he is ever so handsome.That says a lot for his caretakers-they are doing what they signed up for when getting a pet.So many want that cute kitty or puppy but have not thought about all the care,time and money that it will take-especially as they age. It really is a sacred trust that you enter into with an animal.I do wish all would hold to it so we would not see cruelty and neglect and there would be no need for overfilled shelters.I guess sometimes circumstances force giving up an animal but it happens all to often for other reasons.As it always has-my heart goes out to all of those creatures who have no control over what happens to them.So thankfully we do have shelters and rescues and dedicated people trying to set things right for them-they deserve a big ATTABOY!CarlaPortrait of a Tabby

Posted by Carla Smale at 05:52


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