April 13,2017
Daily Art Blog-Carla Smale

https://www.artfinder.com/manage/carla-smale/product/tan-frenchie-french-bulldog-dog-art-canvas-12-x-12-inches-carla/scottyHello everyone-so here I am kicking and screaming-trying to get used to this social media thing. I have blogged before but I am told that it is not enough.I will try to send this out daily featuring some of the items I have available for sale. I have begun with a new site-Artfinder-and I am liking that site so far. MNore focused on art and much more friendly than Ebay ever has been.This painting was done as a practice run for my participation in Take a Seat for Humanity-a charity that helps build homes for those in need. Each artist painted a chair to ne auctioned off the fund this charity.The painting was a forerunner to that and is currently for sale on Artfinder if anyone is interested in it,thanks for looking-ps-still trying to figue out this link thing-hope it works this time,Carla

Tan Frenchie

Posted by Carla Smale at 11:58


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